cercle national recyclage

On 16 June 2016, ACR+ Member Cercle National du Recyclage has presented its new publication entitled “Observatoire des filières à responsabilité élargie des producteurs en interaction avec le service public de gestion des déchets” (observatory of epr schemes in relation with the public waste management service). This publication introduces some elements helping to understand the general context of the EPR schemes, to follow the evolution of the tonnage at stake with the streams and the repartition of the expenses of each eco-organism.

The Cercle National du Recyclage also published a set of proposals to improve the existing systems. Amongst the remarks and claims of the Cercle National du Recyclage, there is in particular:

  • The rapid set-up of an integral EPR, that is an EPR with a full financial responsibility of producers
  • The creation of  a juridical and fiscal status for the eco-organisms with the constitution of a governance and a board of directors more in partnership, integrating all the stakeholders, which would legitimate the general interest mission of the eco-organism
  • The extension of the VAT on eco-contributions
  • The implementation of an effective system of controlling and punishing for the eco-organisms

All the documents are available for all on the website, in the “politique nationale” section of the Download part.

Read the full press release (in French)

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