Zero Waste Scotland

ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland in partnership with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow City Council has published a new pioneering study revealing Glasgow’s potential to be a global leader in the circular economy.

The city study looks at how to make the region’s urban economy more circular and create opportunities for the business community.

Welcoming the report, Zero Waste Scotland’s Chief Executive Iain Gulland said: “Scotland has set ambitious goals to become a more circular economy, because this approach can deliver continued economic growth whilst ensuring natural resources are managed sustainably.  It’s a key ingredient of long term business success.”

He added that “this new partnership with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is an important step to get businesses on board with this exciting vision, helping them take steps to become more circular – for both the benefit of the individual business and Scotland’s broader economy”.

The project has enabled Glasgow Chamber of Commerce to identify areas of circularity, determine how it can support local business, and become the pioneering champion of circular economy in Glasgow.

Read more about the vision and action plan for the city of Glasgow “Circular Glasgow.


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