2017 03 06 07
ACR+ member Reloop is releasing a discussion paper spotlighting challenges inherent in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) comparing reusable and single-use packaging, particularly within the complex take-away sector, the paper emphasises the complexities of implementing reuse practices. The paper aims to highlight examples of frequently cited studies that may possess flaws or lack clarity in their details. It offers guidance on what aspects to scrutinise, what questions to ask, and how to engage in critical thinking when evaluating such studies.  

By comparing two recent studies, both of which aim to challenge the case for reuse in the take-away sector, with an academic paper, we illustrate how the analysis of the same issue can be approached differently to yield conflicting results. The key assumptions underlying these differences are identified, helping readers comprehend how these contrasting perspectives are achieved.  
Read the discussion paper here. 


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