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This autumn in ACR+ member Paris, dead leaves are being collected to be transported by barge from the port of Bercy to a composting site. Nearly 4,500 tonnes of dead leaves are collected each year by the agents of the Direction de la Propreté, a department of the City of Paris responsible for street cleaning and waste collection throughout the city, with the help of leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, road vacuums, vacuum boxes and of course, brooms. Since 2020, some of this waste has a new purpose: composting. With the "Leaves on the Seine" operation, almost 100 tonnes have been composted this year in the port of Gennevilliers, after being transported there by river. This is in addition to the 350 other tonnes of dead leaves that are destined for compost. In 2021, almost 227 tonnes were transferred from the barge on the Quai de Bercy to the Gennevilliers transfer centre.
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