AMIU Genova 80pxACR+ member AMIU has installed eight new Ecovan stations, in addition to the 49 stations already available in Genoa. The Ecovan is a van designed for the collection of bulky, hazardous and small WEEE waste. Every day, it travels the streets of Genoa and stops at fixed stations according to a timetable. This simple service, easy to access and be used by all citizens has met with a great response in the municipalities of the Genoese area, serviced by AMIU, where there is not always a collection centre. In recent years, the quantities of waste collected through the Genoese Ecovans and destined for separate collection have increased from 1,432 tonnes in 2019 to 2,555 tonnes in 2021, an overall increase of 78.42%.
Source: (in Italian)

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