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In the framework of the European Week for Cities and Regions, ACR+ member the Clean Tech Region and the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region will co-organise a workshop “Circular economy: stimulating and making way for circular business models” which will take place on 10 October 2017, Brussels.

The workshop will focus on three subthemes:

  1. Circular economy and regulation
  2. The role of public authorities as launching customer
  3. CE skills for the future 

A key-note speech will be delivered by professor Jan Jonker from the Radboud which will focus on presenting ‘new business models for the circular economy’ with some icon initiatives from the Clean Tech Region and the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region relating to regulation, public authorities as launching customer and skills needed.

Furthermore, the workshop will offer three parallel roundtable discussions on: Circular Economy and Regulation; Public authorities as launching customers; Skills needed in Circular Economy. The first discussion will share experiences on concrete legislative obstacles like for example the EURAL-codes or cross border cooperation. The second one will focus on the role public authorities can take on the field of public procurement of innovation, the view of businesses and public authorities on the matter, followed by an overview of the best practices of different European regions. The third roundtable will concentrate on perspectives from different European stakeholders (government, education, business) on the skills that are needed in a future Circular Economy.

ACR+ will moderate a discussion on “Circular Economy and Regulation”.

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