An enlightening online training session on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Innovation Procurement took place on 25 January 2024, aimed at fostering understanding among buyers and contractors. the training, orchestrated by BRINC and the P5Innobroker project, emphasised the need for tailored IPR protection tools and specific contract clauses to ensure clarity in rights and obligations. Expert speakers from the European Commission, solution providers, and public buyers shared insights on creating a balanced IPR framework that supports SMEs' access to new markets and secures mutual benefits in public procurement of innovation. 

Key recommendations include:

  • The need for early and clear communication of IPR settings;
  • The necessity of flexibility in IPR provisions to adapt to evolving tenders;
  • The importance of establishing exploitation commitment clauses to facilitate successful commercialization efforts. 

This session underscored the significance of customized, collaborative approaches to IPR in fostering innovation and confidence in public procurement processes. For a complete and in-depth overview of the session takeaways and suggestions from experts, check the summary document available here.

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