ACR+ continued its close partnership with Energy Cities by joining their General Assembly last week in Modena, Italy. The event was organised in cooperation with the Climate Alliance and took place on 19 October. We not only attended the event but also took the stage to present our work, especially in reference to our thematic area “Sustainable Food Systems”. It was the perfect platform to showcase ACR+'s work on various projects, including FOORUS, FOLOU, SOILL, PREPSOIL, LIFE BIOBEST, FERPLAY, and HOOP. 
Additionally, the presentation highlighted ACR+'s dedication to promoting Sustainable Food Systems through our publications such as: "Quantified Actions to Prevent Household Food Waste" and "ACR+ assessing the EU proposal for an EU Soil Monitoring Law." 
The Energy Cities General Assembly was just one of many opportunities for ACR+ to find synergies with its partners towards making a meaningful impact in our ongoing mission. 
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