Circular Cities and Regions – Coordination and Support Office is supporting cities and regions across the EU to accelerate the transition to circular economy. This ambitious initiative is entering its second year with lots of activities already carried out such as Needs Assessment of Pilots and Fellow cities selected to participate in the initiative, webinars on topics related to circular economy and creation of four Thematic Working Groups. One of the Thematic Working Groups is focusing on Circular Resource Management, led by ACR+ gathers CCRI stakeholders, experts as well as cities and regions working on topics such as circular public procurement, reuse/repair initiatives and material flows. The activities of the CCRI-CSO will continue in Autumn with a general conference and a series of events open to all relevant stakeholders. The events serve as a gateway to create synergies between cities and regions, on-going and past CCRI and other projects and mutual learning on the most challenging issues related to circular economy transition. To stay up to date, you can subscribe to the CCRI-CSO newsletter and follow many more events to come! 

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