The announcement of the projects conditionally approved within the first call for projects of Interreg Europe 2021-2027 brought great news for ACR+. The network will be advisory partner (in charge of communication, technical advice, and knowledge exchange) in two of the 72 projects approved, out of 134 applications received. These projects are:
  • INERTWASTE (Valorisation of inert and inorganic industry and construction waste): led by ACR+ member Government of Navarra, the project will focus on the valorisation of inert waste from industrial and construction processes with the aim of extending the life cycle of these resources, reducing the extraction of raw materials, and avoiding environmental impacts.

  • MINEV (Waste Minimization in Large Events): under the lead of LIMASAM Cleaning Service of Málaga, the project will aim at being an accelerator for regional and local administrations to address and develop waste minimization in large events through their policies for circular economy, waste management and climate neutrality.
Discover the full list of approved projects in the first call for proposals here.. 
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