Did you know that soils account for 95% of food production worldwide? And also, that soils host around 25% of the biodiversity on Earth? However, it is estimated that up to 70% of soils is unhealthy in Europe.

Today, 5 December, is World Soil Day, led by the United Nations. It is the perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of healthy soil and of sustainable management of soil resources. Under the theme “Soils, where food begins” this year’s day focuses on soil nutrients loss.

At EU level, several initiatives exist to solve this problem, such as the Horizon Europe mission “A Soil Deal For Europe”, and the EU Soil Strategy for 2030. ACR+ is committed to improving soil quality and raising awareness on healthy soils through several projects such as Prepsoil, facilitating the deployment of the Horizon Europe Mission across European regions, and Ferplay, facilitating the uptake of alternative fertilisers.

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