ACR+ has signed a letter coalition in support of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), together with ACR+ member Reloop and multiple stakeholders from NGOs, industry, and civil society. On 18 October, a working draft copy of the European Commission’s draft PPWR was leaked to the public. Since then, there has been a significant outcry by some industry stakeholders, relating to certain sections of the regulation and/or its annex. Signatories of the letter believe that a well-functioning single market necessitates base standards and requirements that are consistent in all member states, as well as comprehensive. They support the overall direction and ambition of the proposal and rely on the ordinary legislative process, a democratic process, and urge the European Commission to submit its proposal to the Council and the European Parliament on 30 November as planned so that the ordinary legislative process can begin.
Read the full letter here.

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