The LIPOR waste management strategy is based on the principles of circular economy, which includes regarding waste as a resource. Since the foundation of LIPOR, organic recovery has been one of the main components of this strategy, in which the organic fraction of waste is the raw material that is treated by composting, resulting in the production of a soil corrective, NUTRIMAIS.

A high quality soil corrective (NUTRIMAIS) is essential for the LIPOR Organic Valorisation Plant in order to produce material with a high content of organic matter. In this sense, LIPOR with the Associated Municipalities has implemented several projects of organic fraction selective collection present in municipal waste (bio waste), in particular:
  • Green Waste (e.g. grass clippings, flowers, gardening branches), from parks, gardens, cemeteries;
  • Food waste (e.g. remains of the preparation of meals, food leftovers; fresh products that do not comply with the requirements for sale) from restaurants and similar establishments, as well as markets, fairs and processing centres and/or distribution of fresh products.
In 2015, the total number of received loads in LIPOR Organic Valorisation Plant, was greater than 8.000, meaning the total amount of bio waste treated was 47.022 tons, made up of 24.959 tons of organic waste and 22.063 t green waste, 2.329 of which came from green waste from cemeteries. Compared to 2014 there has been a 5% increase in the amount of waste subject to composting and compared to 2013 the growth amounted to 12%.

The total amount of compost produced was of 10.799 tons, noting that analytical determinations performed attested that the compost, Nutrimais, has good physic-chemical characteristics, is a stable product, matured and sanitized and therefore of high value for agricultural soils. In addition, the occupancy rate of LIPOR Organic Valorisation Plant was 78.4% and the yield of the composting process reached 23%.

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