ACR+ member WasteServ, has inaugurated a 12 million euro autoclave which it will use to dispose of animal-related waste. The modern piece of equipment, located in Marsa, was co-funded by the EU (European Regional Funds). Speaking at the inauguration, Environment Minister Leo Brincat said the equipment will reduce WasteServ’s dependency on the Marsa incinerator.

Mr Brincat said the company will have launched three new projects in the space of three months. In December 2015 it inaugurated the Waste Transfer and Materials Recovery Facility in Tal-Kus, Gozo and in February 2016 it will inaugurate the Ghallis waste treatment plant, which will be known as Malta North. All three projects will be completed on time and within their respective budgets. The Environment Minister said the project will lead to a number of benefits for the waste management industry and will also cut down on pollution and bad smells. He explained that the autoclave will not replace the incinerator but rather, the two will complement each other. Animal fats extracted during the process will be used as fuel for the incinerator. On the other hand water waste will be treated and re-used. The autoclave will be used for the treatment of expired human foods that contain animal by-products. The treated material will later be sent to the Sant’ Antin or Malta North Plants to generate biogas.
Until now, animal carcasses had to be kept in freezers whenever the incinerator was out of action. These remains will now be dried up in the autoclave, eliminating the freezing process. The equipment will also be used to treat waste coming from Gozo. Mr Brincat explained that such a project would normally take two years to complete but that the government had managed to do it in half the time.

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