2017 03 06 07
Reloop’s latest factsheet, "Digital deposit return systems: What you need to know (2024)", aids policymakers and industry with insights, trials, and comparative analyses. By May 2024, 56 operational deposit return systems (DRS) worldwide serve 346 million people. Countries like Austria, Poland, Turkey, Uruguay, and Singapore plan new systems. Some stakeholders have turned their attention to “digital DRS (DDRS)” or “serialised DRS,” which relies on the use of serialised barcodes or QR codes to uniquely identify each container within the system. 

Reloop series of factsheets on DDRS, presents a comprehensive overview of the topic, including a summary of the key elements in a DDRS and what research has been done to assess the feasibility of implementing this concept at a national level. It also looks at the key challenges and questions that need to be addressed before real consideration can be given to incorporating these technologies into a classic DRS. 
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