7 million tonnes of European clothing and household textiles eventually go to landfill or incineration. While policy is drastically increasing the pressure for change in textiles, a lack of timely, useful information is a major roadblock to transition. The right data in near-real time supports municipalities and their collection and sorting partners to keep textiles circulating. By tracking basic textile flow information, problems are quickly identified, solutions are easily replicated, excess waste is minimized and new technologies can be implemented successfully.

To address this, TEXroad, Humana Estonia, and municipalities of Lääne-Harju and Saku, released a practical guide on using data to support better textile management. This document building on three years of textile initiatives, sorting activities and data management work in Estonia and the Netherlands. The guide capitalizes on the Lessons Learned released in September 2023 with best practices and examples of how these leaders are using data to pave the way to circular textiles. 

Source: https://www.texroad.org

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