In an upcoming event on 23 January, ORDIF, the Regional Waste Observatory of Île-de-France, will present the latest 2022 figures for residual waste. The meeting will address the challenges posed by future capacity reductions. Whether operational, anticipating a 9% decrease in non-hazardous waste incineration capacities (380 000 tonnes less by 2024), or regulatory, with a projected 56% reduction in landfill capacities to 1.3 million tonnes/year for non-hazardous waste by 2028, the event will explore strategies to navigate these impending reductions. Possible approaches include enhancing recyclable material capture, substantial advancements in waste sorting or reduction, and addressing the 900 000 tonnes of biowaste within residual waste. Additionally, the event will discuss emerging sectors like recovered solid fuels. 
Source: (in French) 
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