ACR+ member LIPOR, in collaboration with its 8 Associated Municipalities, is in the process of developing an Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategic Plan for Urban Waste 2030 (PERSU 2030). This plan outlines specific actions and initiatives aimed at aligning with the national strategy within their respective areas of influence. According to the Portuguese Environment Agency, PERSU 2030 aims to continue the implementation of the national waste policy. It guides stakeholders in implementing actions to align the country with community policies and guidelines, contribute to increased waste prevention, recycling, and other forms of urban waste valorisation, ultimately reducing the consumption of limited natural resources. The plan focuses on waste prevention and selective collection, with particular attention to new fractions such as textile waste, hazardous waste and biowaste. 

LIPOR encourages citizen participation in the development of the Action Plan for Urban Waste through a questionnaire

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