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ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has granted subsidies totaling EUR 9.5 million for projects promoting selective waste collection. The subsidies aim to fund initiatives that contribute to the efficient selective collection of various fractions of municipal waste, fostering a circular economy perspective.  
The grant supports projects implemented by local entities in Catalonia, focusing on public selective collection services and home composting, benefiting both the population and producers of waste similar to municipal waste. A total of 59 projects were awarded subsidies amounting to EUR 9 433 918.29. Additionally, the grand supports projects for businesses, services, and industries generating commercial waste similar to municipal waste, either adapting to public selective collection services or establishing private selective collection systems. Two projects in this category received subsidies totaling EUR 43 827. In total, 61 projects were awarded subsidies through this call, amounting to EUR 9 477 745.29. 
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