ACR+ member Government of Navarra has achieved a 50% preparation rate for reuse and recycling of all household and commercial waste collected in 2022, amounting to 138 000 tonnes, which is only 5 points away from the target set by the Navarra Waste Plan and the European Directive. These numbers could be attributed to the successful selective waste collection in all 16 local authorities in Navarra and the full deployment of organic waste collection in 2022.
In 2022, Navarra generated a volume of household and commercial waste of 275 000 tonnes, at a rate of 415 kilos per inhabitant per year (429 in 2021), which represents a reduction of 3% compared to the previous year in the generation of household waste, which was 284 109 tonnes. This means that each citizen generated 14 kilos less than in 2021.
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