ARC+ member Government of Navarra presented the balance of the year of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarra (S4), a plan that is the result of an agreement between the public sector, the productive sector, the knowledge sector and society itself, so that the Navarre of 2030 will have a higher quality of life and be more sustainable and prosperous.

One of the most important projects developed in this first year of the S4 has been the “Navarra Zirkular” strategy, a public-private collaboration initiative to promote the adoption of the circular economy in companies. Among the main objectives of “Navarra Zirkular” for 2025 is that at least 200 companies join the initiative in order to develop a minimum of 75 projects, and to reinforce the office in 2023 with staff who can carry out individualised diagnoses of companies. Some of these projects should focus on product eco-design innovation and waste reduction and management.

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