ACR+ member CITEO has released the recycling figures for France for 2021. Packaging recycling increased by 139,000 tonnes more than in 2020, as collection and sorting center activity, which were impacted by the health crisis, returned to full operation. This increase can also be linked to the growing use of carboard packaging by the e-commerce sector, and by the simplification of the sorting process, which is being rolled out throughout France. The recycling rate for packaging is 72%, a record increase of 3 points compared to 2020, for all materials. 54 kg of packaging are sorted per inhabitant per year on average, including: 20 kg of paper and cardboard, steel, aluminium and plastic packaging and 34 kg of glass packaging. According to the report, 2,2M tonnes of CO2 were avoided thanks to recycling of packaging. Discover the entire report here.

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