Zero Waste Scotland 190pxACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland’s latest Carbon Metric report breaks down the types of household waste, ultimately showing that not all waste is equal. The top five most carbon intensive materials wasted in Scotland, including paper, cardboard, plastic, textile, metal, animal and food waste, accounted for only 46% of all household waste tonnage in 2020 but made up for 83% of the carbon impacts. Experts say this proves that householders should pay attention to what they waste, not just how much they produce. The report highlights textiles, which made up just 4% of waste by weight, accounted for a startling 32% of Scotland’s carbon impact.Source: and Zero Waste Scotland worked together to adapt the Carbon Metric and develop the Carbon Metric International. This tool is currently used within the More Circularity Less Carbon campaign to measure the carbon footprint of waste of several ACR+ members with the aim of identifying scenarios to reduce the emissions linked with local resource management by 25% by 2025. More

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