The Île-de-France Regional Waste Observatory of ACR+ member ORDIF has presented the data of non-hazardous waste storage facilities (ISDND) in Île-de-France during 2020-2021. With 2,625,000 tonnes of waste buried, mainly from companies, the nine sites in Île-de-France received 420,000 tonnes less than in 2019 (-14%). The evolution of landfilling of non-hazardous waste in Île-de-France had been marked by a gradual decline between 2006 and 2015 (-38%). The trend increased between 2015 and 2019 (+41%), bordering on the region's maximum capacity.An interactive map of the ISDNDs in the Ile-de-France región, including an aerial view of each site, is included with the presentation of the key data.Source: (in French)


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