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The World Plogging Championship will be held on 1-2-3 October 2021 in Val Pellice, Piedmont, Italy. Through the #ploggingchallenge, 30 eco-runners will get the pass to participate to the Championship. The competition is virtual and global – contestants can run and collect abandoned waste all over the world.

In order to join the challenge, you should register on the official website, filling your account with your training sessions data. Everytime you go plogging, you should upload a photo of the collected waste – the items must be shown tidily in order to facilitate the calculation of the amount of prevented CO2. According to these aspects, a score is attributed to every training session.

Furthermore, ACR+ member AICA will include every training session in the European campaign Let’s Clean Up Europe, acknoledging the environmental commitment of runners, and the action will be shown in the EWWR map.


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