The use of the packaging bin (plastics, metals and briks) grew by 8.2% in 2020 in ACR+ member Government of Navarra, where each person deposited 26.5 kilos of household packaging waste, compared to the 24.5 kilos in 2019, and in the midst of the exceptional situation experienced since March as a result of COVID 19. These data confirm the commitment of the people of Navarra to selective collection and, according to these figures, Navarra would remain in the top positions in Spain in terms of the volume of packaging collected.

With regard to the paper and cardboard bin the data indicate that Navarra occupies the top position in Spain: in 2020, in Navarra, each person deposited 41.6 kg of paper and cardboard in the 8,744 paper and cardboard bins located on public roads.

Source: (in Spanish)

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