Last 2-3 December, ACR+ member LIPOR joined a peer review on Municipal Waste Collection and Management for the Municipality of Burgas, organised by the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.

LIPOR was one of the entities selected as Peer after the submission of an application to the request launched by the Burgas region (Bulgaria) to share and discuss experiences and define recommendations on topics such as prevention, separate collection, regulation, and monitoring of waste flows, to achieve a transition to a Circular Economy and in alignment with the main objectives of the European Green Deal.

In addition to LIPOR, represented by Susana Lopes, International Business Unit technician, the team included specialists from other ACR+ members representing EMULSA (Spain), ARGE (Austria), WasteServ Malta (Malta) and a representative of EXAMIO (Spain). The moderation and facilitation of the sessions was done by the specialists of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning platform.

In the first session, "Waste prevention, regulation and monitoring", LIPOR shared with the audience its various initiatives in prevention and food waste reduction, home and community composting projects, repair and reuse projects (CREW and Repair cafe, in particular), the Waste Observatory platform and examples of awareness and communication campaigns promoted by the population as important tools to reach the goals and a more sustainable MSW management.

In the Peer Learning session 2, "Separate waste collection and specific waste streams", LIPOR had the opportunity to contribute with its experience linked to topics such as the bio-waste separate collection, composting, separate collection models for packaging, CDW, WEEE and bulky waste. Susana Lopes also presented the Portuguese experience for end-of-life tires, a successful model of Extended Producer Responsibility, as suggested by the organisers.

These two days of intense cooperation culminated in the drafting of a set of guidelines and good practices for the region of Burgas, to support municipalities and regional authorities, in pursuing policies and strategies for a sustainable management waste. For LIPOR it was a very enriching and brand promotion experience.


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