ACR+ member LIPOR and its associated municipalities are promoting the collection of organic waste within the framework of the Green Waste 2020 Project. The separate collection of organic waste at the source in order to monetise is a priority for LIPOR.
This year alone, the project has been reinforced with the introduction of separate waste collection systems in the municipalities of Gondomar, Matosinhos and Porto.

These allow the residents of the above-mentioned municipalities to separate the organic residues they produce in their gardens and refer them for collection through a complimentary collection system for green waste which includes free pick-up, door-to-door and proximity systems.

Thus far, the implementation of the Green Waste 2020 Project has resulted in the monetisation of 26,750 tonnes of organic waste in 2018, which represented a 14% year-on-year increase compared to 2017.
At the same time, this project allows for the reduction of the amount of green and organic residues present in the undifferentiated fraction of urban waste and contributes to the achievement of the 2020 targets set in LIPOR’s action plan regarding the reuse and recycling of biodegradable waste.
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