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The fight against climate change begins at home, a new report published by ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland reveals. The report, published to coincide with Recycle Week 2018, shows that less waste and more recycling, especially of food waste, are crucial in reducing our carbon impact. The Carbon Metric tool, developed by Zero Waste Scotland, measures the whole-life carbon impacts of Scotland’s waste, from resource extraction and manufacturing emissions, right through to waste management emissions, regardless of where in the world these impacts occur. It is a pioneering way to measure the carbon impact of our waste, not just the amount that is recycled.

It shows that, in 2017, Scottish households reduced the amount of waste they produced, and recycled more of their waste than ever, resulting in the lowest carbon impacts for household waste since the Carbon Metric began measuring in 2011. Zero Waste Scotland also published the 2016 Carbon Metric (which contains data on both household and commercial & industrial waste).

Importantly, as it includes data from households and commercial and industrial sectors, the 2016 report also demonstrates the disproportionate impact of household waste, on the carbon impacts of Scotland’s total waste. While household waste only made up 25% of Scotland’s waste by weight, it accounted for 55% of total waste carbon impacts. This makes preventing and recycling household waste especially important.

Further details on Scotland’s Carbon Metric, including summary report are available here.


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