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Up to 200 million single use coffee cups are thrown away every year in Ireland, and cannot be disposed of in recycling bins. That is the message from Recycling List Ireland – a campaign developed by ACR+ members Easter Midlands waste region and Southern waste region in cooperation with Connacht Ulster waste region. It aims to encourage coffee and tea lovers to reduce their use of disposable cups, and consider using a ceramic or reusable coffee cup instead.

While many disposable cups carry the recyclable logo, the actual cup is not currently recyclable in Ireland and must be disposed of in general waste. The logo refers only to the rigid plastic lids and the cardboard sleeves on some cups, which can be removed and placed for recycling. Disposable cups are difficult to recycle as, although being made largely from paper, they are lined with plastic polyethylene which is fused to the paper.

More information about the campaign can be found here: https://recyclinglistireland.ie

Source: http://emwr.ie

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