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The first Slovenian Circular Economy Roadmap was published in May 2018, with the contribution of ACR+ member Wcycle Maribor. It aims to pave the way towards transitioning from a linear to a circular economy in Slovenia through an inclusive multi-stakeholder process. The goals of the Roadmap include: 

  • Outlining the potentials that establish Slovenia as the leader of the transition into the Circular Economy in Central and Eastern Europe; 
  • Involving stakeholders to identify and connect circular practices;
  • Creating recommendations for the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to facilitate a more efficient transition; and
  • Identifying circular opportunities for the strengthening of international economic competitiveness and quality of life for all. 

The “Roadmap towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia” introduces four priority fields for the country: food system, forest-based value chains, manufacturing industry, and mobility. The four priority areas that are presented were created as a combination of summaries of field work, available and relevant data and criteria, as well as comparable attempts to identify the areas where countries have already started their preparations for national roadmaps. 
The transition to a circular economy is a complex, comprehensive and, most of all, long-term process. As such, the Roadmap introduces the Circular Triangle, a model which unites three inseparable elements – Circular Economy (business models), Circular Change (government policies) and Circular Culture (citizens), three interdependent aspects that are at the core of systemic change from a linear to a circular economy in Slovenia.


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