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In the framework of the AMP Urbinoc project, ACR+ member LIPOR is working on the organisation of the innovation ecosystem in the Porto Metropolitan Area. LIPOR is specifically responsible for the part related to a circular economy, which aims to promote synergies between companies and stimulate industrial symbiosis. The underlining goal of which is to foster the creation of new businesses, products, employment opportunities, while also focusing on traditional local sectors.
A study on “Industry and Circular Economy’s Metabolism in the Metropolitan Area of Porto” has been prepared and published. This study aims to obtain a "photograph" of the main resources existing on the territory, as well as the inputs and outputs of natural resources, raw materials and products. The metabolic approach to be adopted identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the territory in question with respect to the "circularity" of its economic development, working within a more general and global framework, and including a more sectorial approach.
Additionally, LIPOR is developing a platform for industrial symbiosis (SymbiOPOrto: Economy Circular to and for Companies). It is a tool which includes a database and relevant information for the companies and other stakeholders in the Metropolitan Area of Porto. The main aim is to promote efficient use of resources in the region.
The full study can be accessed here. To know more about the platform, visit:

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