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ACR+ member Decoset has launched the call for expression of interest for the entrepreneurs willing to set up businesses in the Tiangle zone. Decoset (public body in charge of waste treatment), Suez (operator of the waste-to-energy plant), and Bessières City Council and Val’Aïgo inter-municipality are the stakeholders initiating the call.

The offer includes:

  • Energy: Residual heat (42°C extendable up to 50°C; higher temperatures will need further studies) at a competitive price, free from price variations of fossil energies; Minimum guaranteed power supply: 3 MW (or more for dynamic power demand: individual, intermittent loads would switch on or off­ at optimal moments to balance the overall system load with generation, reducing critical power mismatches.)
  • Land: 20 hectare in an industrial zone (local urbanism plan), including more than 10 hectare available immediately; Easy-to-build flat land; Possibilities of emphyteutic lease or favourable land acquisition conditions.

Entrepreneurs willing to set up businesses in the Triangle zone will also benefit from:

  • The proximity with Toulouse City (consumers, industries, research centres, universities...);
  • A growing population (easy-to-find workforce);
  • A shared strategy for the territory: to develop in Bessières a farming and market gardening pole for the Toulouse area;
  • Support: technical, financial and regulatory.

The call is open until 28 September 2018. For more details refer to
Source: (available in French and English)

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