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On 30 November 2017, Josep Rull, the Minister of Territory and Sustainability of Catalonia, presented the 2nd Catalonia Ecodesign Award. The award is an evolution of the Design for Recycling Award granted by ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) starting in 2001. The award is held every two years and recognizes products on the market, products under development and product-fostering strategies that have been designed in such a way as to improve the product’s environmental performance throughout its life cycle. There were 115 entries in the 2017 edition of the award. All the finalist and award winners can be found here.
The Government of Catalonia is committed to promote Ecodesign.  In 2015, the Government approved the Catalan Ecodesign Strategy towards a circular and eco-innovative economy (Ecodiscat). The aim of this eco-innovation tool is to promote the circular economy through ecodesign and help achieve greater sustainability in the production and consumption of products. In short, ecodesign incorporates environmental criteria to encourage the development of products that are more sustainable, safer, less toxic, and consume fewer resources and raw materials.
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