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According to ACR+ member Cercle National du Recylage, waste from public sector is not fully exploited despite its high potential for recycling and recovery. Notably since it is collected and mixed together with the household waste. To investigate further the solutions for recycling waste produced by the public sector, Cercle National du Recyclage has published a study entitled “Correctly sorting waste generated by public services is possible” (“Bien gérer les déchets issus de l’activité des services publics, c’est possible!”).

The main goal of this study is to provide a guide for local authorities to embark on a better management of waste from public sector institutions. It first gives an overview of  the regulatory framework of waste collection for public services as well as lists the “traditional” actors and services possible in this field. Then, the solutions for waste prevention, recovery and treatment from different waste types generated by the public sector are identified, presented and illustrated with concrete examples. Lastly, the study proposes a model for the waste management specifically designed for the public sector proposed by Cercle National du Recyclage.

Source: www.cercle-recyclage.asso.fr (in French)


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