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ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency has commissioned a study on the technical, environmental and economic viability of the introduction of a deposit, refund and return system (DRRS) for disposable beverages in Catalonia. This study, carried out by a consortium led by ACR+ member ENT Environment and Management, concludes that this system could increase up to 95% the recycling of packages subject to the system.

The study examined the possibility to apply the DRRS scheme to beverages contained in glass, plastic, tin cans or carton of less than three litres. It examined the introduction of 10 euro cent deposit for beverage packaging that would be refunded to the consumer upon return of the packaging. The conclusion was reached that such a scheme would facilitate the reduction of beverage packaging littering by approximately 90 percent.  

The study concludes that the Government of Catalonia could choose to introduce a mandatory DDRS system, if it considers that this is the best response regarding priorities of the waste policy. The new system, which would be complementary to the current selective collection of packaging, could contribute to the achievement of various environmental policy objectives listed in the PRECAT20 (The general program of prevention and management of waste and resources of Catalonia). The Government has until the end of 2017, to create a Commission in order to study further the environmental, technical, economic and social effectiveness of different management mechanisms, such as the SDDR.

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