Starting from 26 August 2017, ACR+ member EMULSA will carry on an informative campaign among beach users to raise awareness about the importance of not throwing cigarette butts on the sand and use recycling bins for the waste they generate. This is one of the actions included in EMULSA’s Citizen Environmental Awareness Campaign.

During 6 days, an environmental report will be visiting several beaches to inform users of the cleaning work carried out by EMULSA and ask for the collaboration of smokers who will be given a promotional beach ashtray.

Every day EMULSA is collecting hundreds of cigarette butts during the daily cleaning activities. A special plan of cleaning of beaches and tourist zones has been developed between June and September 2017 to ensure a high level of cleanliness despite the large influx of people.

Source: http://cuidadoambiental.gijon.es

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