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ACR+ members Area Metropolitana de Barcelona and Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona are in the focus of a survey on separate collection of organics, undertaken by Amigos de la Tierra Spain

The study, entitled “Separate Collection: The Path to Composting”, analysed and evaluated the waste management systems in 5 different Spanish cities with different collection system for organics. It shows that door-to-door and community composting models, which involve greater citizen participation, result in the least unsuitable material content and a lower economic cost, thus these being the most effective.

The different models for separate collection of organics were classified according to the final quality of the compost, for example, as one key factor to take into account. The best collection systems obtain the best compost, determined by the level of residual waste contamination (pieces of plastic, metal or anything non-organic). The analysis also took into consideration the number of tons treated by each of the models, the level of contamination in the organic waste stream, the participation of citizens, the costs, and the reduction of emissions of gases that cause climate change.


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