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The Life EWAS project, in which ACR+’s member ENT is a partner, was presented during a meeting in Brussels. The aim of the project is to foster innovation in the area of public and private interest of waste management by demonstrating the potential of new information technologies to optimize current EU waste management operational methodologies and to establish a way forward for the standard adoption of a more sustainable model. ACR+ participated in the meeting in Brussels, where the ICT solution and sensor device were presented as well as the results of the project, led by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions.

Their proposal implies having considerable improvement in efficiency regarding waste management via the sensor system implemented into the waste containers and the optimisation of collection routes. The project had two pilot cities, the city of Seville, Spain and Chania in Greece. The operation in Seville resulted in reducing collection costs by 60% after optimising collection routes and reduced annual collection service rounds. Although they tested the scheme on containers for glass the waste company of both cities were convinced to use the devices to improve their services.

More information: http://life-ewas.eu/en/

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