On 29 November, ACR+ took part in the "Study Tour on waste management" held in Brussels, involving experts from the Western Balkans.

Organised from 28 to 30 November by the European Commission, the aim of this study tour was to present the EU policy on waste management to local and regional authorities coming from the Western Balkans.

ACR+ took this opportunity to present waste prevention good practices implemented in Europe, coming in particular from the Miniwaste inventory, the Pre-waste project and the European Week for Waste Reduction.
The stakes of this study tour are the followings:

•    The management, disposal and recycling of waste, especially household waste, is an important challenge for the coming years.
•    The local and regional levels have an important role to play in this topic.
•    In the Western Balkans the administrative and enforcement capacity needs to be considerably strengthened.

Read the full presentation by Philippe Micheaux here

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