The Cultural Committee of Skiathos Island in Greece has just joined our network.

  1. Cultural Committee of Skiathos Island in Greece is an NGO, established five years ago, that works very closely with the Municipality of Skiathos.

Their actions are mainly aimed at raising awareness on environmental protection and cultural heritage. Key activity for the Association is the Annual Event, ‘Green Clean Week’ whereby over than 20 beaches get cleaned with strong participation from local communities, organizations, associations, schools and active citizens. With regards to recycling, the Association has given special attention to the organization of daily workshops and events to raise awareness among residents as well as at municipal level in order to transfer the knowledge and experience of successful solid waste management systems and programmes that are carried out in other parts of Greece or Europe. The next event on waste management on the Island is taking placing in February, organized for the Cycladic Islands (200 islands).

ACR+ welcomes the Cultural Committee of Skiathos Island very warmly!

  1. full list of ACR+ members here

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