Another Horizon 2020 study visit organised by ACR+ in close cooperation with WSG and was held in Belgium on 20-22 of June, 2011.

Another Horizon 2020 study visit organised by ACR+ in close cooperation with WSG and was held on 20-22 of June, 2011. Belgium, the epicenter of the European Union, hosted the latest study visit organized under the Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/MEP project. Thirteen decision makers from relevant national authorities and NGOs flew in from Albania, Algeria, Egypt and Lebanon to follow an intensive workshop on “Management of waste from electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE)” (20-22 June 2011), aiming at improving understanding and decision making skills on the subject. Already experienced professionals, they benefited especially from the balanced mix of theory, practice and site visits in Lokeren and Willebroek plants.

Maximizing the benefits offered by the location, the course engaged the participants in a highly interactive training process which included features such as lectures, presentations, discussions, audiovisual materials, exercises and extensive on-site visits. As a result, trainees gained insight on the current WEEE status in the EU and in the Mediterranean, its multidimensional (technical, environmental, economic, safety, health, cultural and social) aspect and the underlying principles of the decision making process.

Overall, both trainees and trainers agreed that the workshop was a success, confirming the popularity of the site visits which visualize and consolidate the theoretical knowledge provided. Participants also acquired hands on experience through the development of a preliminary draft WEEE management plan that could be used by their division in their home countries.

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