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The second Mutual Learning event on Information and Communication Technologies in waste management took place in Santander, Spain on 15 and 16 March 2017 and was attended by more than 30 participants representing 14 cities and regions.

The event gathered the URBAN-WASTE project’s 11 pilot cities and regions, as well as representatives of other cities and similar projects representing Porto, Seville and Chania (Crete) and explored ICT solutions in waste management. The Municipality of Santander as the hosting partner gave a comprehensive introduction and presentation of the tools already implemented in their city, followed by an explanatory city tour where the participants could see these solutions implemented in everyday operations. A panel discussion took place at the end of the second day, with an overall conclusion empahasizing that ICT integration in waste management are inevitable and will make waste management more efficient.

The first day of the event, 15 March 2017 was reserved for the URBAN-WASTE pilot cities and regions who have discussed the project’s own waste management application, currently being developed by the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

For more information on the meeting (presentations available shortly) and the project please visit the website of URBAN-WASTE.

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