On 9 March 2017, ACR+ participated in the first thematic seminar of the INTHERWASTE project, organised by the Municipality of Porto. The event focused on ‘Waste Deposit in Heritage Areas’ and best practices on the different types of waste collection areas and devices were presented. For instance, the installation of brink banks and underground waste containers has to be carefully thought of in order to be easily accessed by collectors and citizens alike, as well as to avoid damaging the visual aesthetic and protected zones, both on the ground and underground. These presentations led to a fruitful discussion amongst the participants regarding the introduction of such methods within their territories.

The seminar was a good opportunity to introduce the newly produced INTHERWASTE video. For more information on the seminar and other recent developments in the project we invite you to subscribe to the INTHERWASTE newsletter.

The next thematic seminar will be held in Krakow on 7-8 June 2017 and will focus on “Selective Collection in Heritage Cities”.

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