Since 2016 ACR+ is a co-pilot of a collation on circular economy within the Climate Chance initiative. As such, ACR+ took part in the first Climate Chance Summit organised in September 2016 by its member Nantes Métropole. There, no fewer than 300 presentations, split over 75 workshops, met to structure a collaborative thinking, exchange experiences and finally give a first wide picture of the local and international actions and initiatives lead by non-state actors regarding climate change.
The Climate Chance Association is now organising the second Climate Chance Summit in Agadir, Morocco from 11 to 13 September 2017.
The annual Climate Chance Summit provides an opportunity to review the progress of the thematic coalitions and exchange views on good practice and the specific action taken by these actors to combat climate change.
A call for contributions for workshops has been launched and will be open until 15 April 2017. Those contributions will support the elaboration of the event programme and will feed the workshops of this new edition.

More information: http://dev.climate-chance.org
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