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ACR+ is pleased to announce the awarding of 3 projects as a part of the Horizon 2020 call “Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials”, whose selection procedure ran through 2014-2015. A total number of 68 proposals were submitted in response to the second stage of this call.

The three projects fall under the topics Waste-6a: Eco-innovative solutions (19 proposals submitted) and Waste-6b: Eco-innovative strategies (10 proposals submitted).
They are the following:

  • Decisive (topic Waste-6a )
The Decisive project aims to help with the reform of urban waste management systems for our ever-growing cities and populations. This project will look to alter the current urban metabolism for organic matter, energy and biowaste, to a more circular economic model and to assess the impacts of these changes on the whole waste management cycle.

ACR+ members, the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) and SUEZ are also partners on this project.

  • URBANREC (topic Waste-6a)
The URBANREC project aims to develop and implement eco-innovative and integral bulky waste management systems, as well as demonstrate their effectiveness in different regions. This project will be looking at Northern, Mediterranean, Eastern and South-Eastern areas of Europe, which differ greatly in urban waste recycling rates. Participants in the project are relevant actors in the waste management chain in their respective countries and as such guarantees the implementation of the proposed solutions as local level which will in turn ensure replication at EU level.

  • UrBAN-WASTE  (topic Waste-6b)
The UrBAN-WASTE project will endeavour to support policy makers in answering to the challenges of booming tourism in European cities, including high levels of unsustainable resource consumption and waste production. This project aims to help develop strategies aimed at reducing the amount of municipal waste production as well as strategies to further develop re-use, recycling, collection and disposal of waste. Through this the project will promote a change to a circular model in 11 pilot cities.

ACR+ members, Ambiente Italia and ORDIF are also partners on this project.

More information regarding these projects and the upcoming activities of ACR+ will be available in the ACR+ work programme 2016 which will be published in the upcoming week.
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