Are you interested in initiating and managing a Living Lab on soil health and participate under the Mission Soil call 2024? The activities below, developed by the NATI00NS project, can be of interest to those wanting to participate in the Living Labs topics (01-01 and 01-02) of the Soil Mission Open Call 2024.

  • National Engagement Events (NEEs)​: to learn more about the opportunities and support available for applicants. Check your country:  
  • Webinars: NATI00NS organised two series of webinars, specifically dedicated to the concept of Living Labs and provide applicants with tailored advice on specific topics. Watch the recordings here: Other webinars coming!​
  • Helpdesk: dedicated to providing personalized support throughout the application process. The Helpdesk features a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and if you don't find the answer you're looking for, you can use a simple form to submit an inquiry: 
  • Mentors: National mentors have been appointed in many countries to provide coaching on your Living Lab or application ideas. They can help discuss ideas around a specific soil health challenge at national level, and advise you on how to go through the initial phases of establishing a Living Lab. If you would benefit from coaching session, please check if there is a national mentor in your country:
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