Do you want to stay up-to-date with various case studies, initiatives, innovations, and more in Sustainable Food System (SFS)? We invite you to connect to the SFS innovation platform. We are pleased to participate in this online tool with three projects: OREN, FOLOU, and FOODRUS. These projects will provide valuable insights and case studies to the platform, enhancing its collaborative environment.  

The SFS Innovation Platform is an online environment designed to keep stakeholders updated and help them expand their activities in sustainable food systems. This platform caters to a wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, farmers and cooperatives, industry and retail professionals, policymakers, and technology providers. Users can browse or search various SFS-related databases for free, including case studies, initiatives, innovations, practice abstracts, publications, and weblinks. Registered users can also upload their own work and comment on others' contributions. Additionally, the platform offers links to free online courses tailored to small and mid-sized food professionals. 
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