Avfall Norge (Norwegian Waste Management and Recycling Association), founded in 1986, organises the Norwegian waste and recycling industry and its stakeholders, both public and private. Avfall Norge works to create an understanding for the need to increase the circularity of all materials and products, and to strengthen the recycling industry’s position as a key player in a sustainable and circular economy. Avfall Norge offers training and guidance, work to ensure sound policies and constructive political dialogue, and initiate research and development projects to build industry capacity. 
Mr. Runar Bålsrud, CEO of Avfall Norge tells us more about the association and its approach to waste management. 
ACR+: Why have you joined ACR+? 
R.B.: Our mission is to be an instigator for circular economy. Being part of ACR+’s European wide network of organisations, regions, institutions and consultancies is of great value to our 200+ members. Knowledge sharing is key to speed up Europe’s circular transition. 

ACR+: How do you cooperate with local and regional authorities? 
R.B.: We operate on a national level, and work in close cooperation with Norwegian authorities on all matters circular. 
ACR+: Could you share with us a successful project you conducted? 
R.B.: Together with the Norwegian LOOP-foundation we developed a national pictogram system for waste sorting, launched in 2020. The aim was to make recycling easier, and the system is today used by almost all municipalities. New pictograms are made for new sorting categories as the level of waste sorting increases. The system currently consists of 90+ different pictograms, in 13 different categories. 
ACR+: What is the main focus for the organisation at the time being? 
R.B.: A pressing issue for our members is to reach the recycling targets set by the EU. This demands operational changes and new business models. We offer our members advise, arrange workshops and initiate projects to help them make the transition. 
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