While the HOOP project is approaching its end, the 8 cities and regions involved in this long journey are ready to share not only their main results but also the tools and good practices that could be replicated to boost bioeconomy at municipal and regional level. For this, several events will take place in the coming weeks. Check the event section of the website to discover more about the upcoming HOOP events open for Italian, Finnish, and Portugues cities and regions. 

In order to support cities and regions to participate in these learning opportunities, all the travel costs of the HOOP members will be covered by the project. It’s not too late to be part of the HOOP Network! Cities, regions, waste management and wastewater treatment companies are invited to register to get access to all the services designed for the HOOP members, such as learning opportunities (online and offline), one-to-one technical support, tailored recommendations to improve the urban bio-circularity, and a platform to discuss with other cities on challenges and solutions to boost a local bioeconomy strategy.  

Learn more about the HOOP Network and register. 

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